50 years of success

George’s Success as a Network Marketer are tied to 3 words…
Preparation, Presentation and Persistence!


“A special letter to those aspiring to be successful in the MLM Industry!”

A long time friend and business associate recently asked me to condense 50 years of success in Network Marketing into a short article. “What would it be about?”, my friend asked. I responded it would be quite simple. You see it is not the “learning what to do” to become successful in Network Marketing, but it is all about getting yourself to actually do, what you will be taught in this article that is of critical importance.

Let’s examine the essential and fundamental understandings and motivation you must have in order to achieve success in this Industry. First, let me say this … The person who takes the time to understand the explosive geometric earning power of Network Marketing will become and stay motivated.

Those people have the greatest staying power, which of course is fundamental to success. Those people have realized that most other options, like getting a better job, or taking on a part time job to increase their monthly income, is not a wealth building option. Your taxes go higher, your working hours get longer, and the day you stop your income stops. But, this is exactly the option that about 90% of Americans choose. The people that see the upside potential of Network Marketing become vividly aware that the low dollar investment combined with a solid work ethic and time can produce financial freedom. That understanding anchors their will to do the fundamentals and their motivation to stay with it.

Let’s examine this! How many people do you know that can build wealth on their own talents, education, finances, or with a job working for someone else? Well, let’s see…Joe Montana, Barbara Streisand, and Michael Jordan are some, but even they needed to have exceptional talent and skills which were developed over years of dedication, and sustained application of effort. Most high paying jobs require extensive education with advanced specialized degrees and years of proven performance on the job. If you contrast that scenario with what it takes to become successful in Network Marketing you quickly see that the preparation period for better than average income is less than 90 days, not years and years. And if you make it big in Network Marketing, your income can be the envy of Doctors, Lawyers, and CEO’s of large businesses. Plus, your lifestyle offers much more time and freedom with flexibility in your choice of where you live and how you live. In other words, the successful people started with the realization and conviction that Network Marketing was a very realistic way for them to eventually build a big income and a better life.

It’s not like these people say, “Wow! All my life I have been looking for Network Marketing! And, now I have found it!” It’s not at all like that! It’s more like they took a realistic examination of their options, given the truth of their qualifications for employment options, and got a sober snapshot of their financial reality and related future and that snapshot got them serious about the potential of network Marketing. It is this exercise in economic reality that defined the bigness of their “WHY – for becoming involved.” It’s a motivational truth that the bigger your WHY, the easier will become the HOW because your attitude will be right for learning HOW!

Let me divert here however, and tell you that most people who enter Network Marketing never do their personal financial reality check or look at this as a realistic option available to them, and therefore, end up starting with a less than serious attitude and that leads to a less than serious effort and eventually to failure and quitting.

Let’s get basic here- There are only three behaviors that you must do and improve at over time that leads to Network Marketing success. The first is Preparation. The second is Presentation. And, the third is Persistence. The foundation of Preparation is committing sufficient time to the process of learning. Read about and learn to speak about your Company, your Products, and your Marketing Pay Plan.

Think about this..All you need to become a good recruiter is to be a good story teller or conveyor of what you’ve got to offer people and how it could lead them to financial freedom. Today you have top professionals within your up line that can tell the story for you on MP3s, Videos, CD’s or DVD’s. In effect, by using these tools, you can put your hands on hundreds of professional sales persons and massively increase your recruiting efforts. And, what happens when you teach your people you sponsor to do the same? Here’s what happens! You have thousands of these tools i.e. “professional salespersons”, working without complaining, and they never get tired and you put each of them to work for just pennies. At the push of a button your prospects are hearing the story from the best and if they get excited you enroll them into your personal down line. The smartest economy of your business is to invest your business building dollars in recruiting CD’s, videos, DVD’s! Well, I guess we just handled #2, which is Presentation.

Now here comes the third behavior which is also an attitude, and that is Persistence. You simply must persist in doing #1 and #2 and do so with enough consistency that you get your business into momentum. Momentum for the serious business builder is always related to the consistency and intensity of business building activity, which we just described.

Well, George, you say, “If it is so simple, why isn’t everyone successful?” That is easy to explain as well. Now, listen closely to what I am going to say now! Both your Success and Failure are totally related to your emotions and not your beginning abilities or lack of abilities. Let me repeat!

You see, two of the behaviors for success, Preparation and Presentation are tied to your level of motivation to succeed and you can do these two. Let me ask you a question and you’ll see how the winners are separated from the pack. If you wanted to, now I stress, if you wanted to, could you learn about the company, the products and the marketing plan? The answer is obviously, YES.

Now if you did the preparation phase, would it be within your power to hand out videos, CD’s or DVD’s or talk to your prospects? The answer once again is a resounding YES! But, the third behavior, Persistence, it is totally tied to your ability to handle yourself emotionally. Here is where most people fail. They fight and resist the emotions that accompany building this type of business. Let me give you some examples: You will need to be able to feel and include as OK, the emotions of – Inadequate, Incompetent, Nervous, Anxious, Insufficient, Not Good Enough, and Embarrassed. If you are not forewarned, those emotions will run you out of the business. You will need to be able to feel and include as OK – Disappointment, Frustration Upset, Betrayed, and even Ridiculed as you become involved in the recruiting process and people don’t show interest or bad mouth your company, or don’t return your calls, or don’t show up at Business Briefings they promised to attend. Or how do you handle your emotions which are directly tied to your will to keep going (Persistence) when you start someone in your business that starts like a shooting star and just as quickly fizzles and falls when the company makes mistakes or the lure of a faster dollar takes them out of the business?

Do you allow their attitudes and behaviors to dictate yours? Or, can you see this type of event as NORMAL and let it go and keep on going?

A great net worker and teacher that was a friend of mine said she learned the greatest lesson she ever learned in her 21 years in MLM from an early mentor of hers when she complained that her group was not working or growing. She was told, “If your group is not performing, you need to recruit a new group! It is that simple!” After that she never forgot the fundamental basis for MLM wealth. Keep going until you find 4 or 5 other people who are willing to do what you do and your success is guaranteed! If you are committed to the Big Three: Preparation, Presentation, and Persistence, then I will now offer you the soundest advice that I can after 50 years in this Industry through my Observations Of Facts! The big money earners in this Industry do what the little earners don’t or won’t do, and they do so as a “HABIT”. They are very coach able and quickly realize that whatever their level of education or professional or employment background, they do not know how to build an income generating Network Marketing Machine.

Realizing this, they open their minds and attitudes to learning how to from the Pro’s (the Big Money Earners) and not their peer groups who have no more than an opinion, but no direct involvement or success history in the Industry. This next observation is key to success! The big earners without exception attended all available training events, weekly opportunity meetings. They get on all conference calls, information calls, and made it a priority to attend the company sponsored Regional, National, and International Events whenever possible. In so doing, they lead their new recruits’ organizations to do likewise. Success in the Industry is based upon one word, “DUPLICATION”, duplication of behaviors, attitudes and effort. You must be a leader who leads by example, not simply by informing, watching, and hoping your group will perform. The successful people in this Industry made building their Network a solid business priority and not “a once in a while” happening. They treated their opportunity as though they had invested $50,000-$100,000 to get started.

Let’s be honest here. If a person treats any business casually and works inconsistently and doesn’t learn the business, would they succeed? Of course not! If you reduce the size of your commitment and effort to the minuscule start up cost of your Network Marketing business, it will be the direct cause of your failure. The attitude of: “not much invested equals not much to lose if I fail” is an attitudinal recipe for failure. The big earners in the Industry are indifferent to the naysayers, the scoffers, and the negative people. They know the key to their personal financial freedom and security lies in their personal efforts to recruit enough “first line people” until they find 5-7 serious people and the rest was history. This is a real chance for financial freedom; why not write your own financial history with your Network Marketing opportunity!



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