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“This is a very exciting industry and I believe one of the best opportunities in the world today for the average person to earn above average income.”  George Zalucki

Essential and Fundamental Teachings for the Networker
2018 Ambassador to Network Marketing



“George has retired from building personal sales businesses and is concentrating on the training of entrepreneurs, to enrich the lives of individuals, so that they can build better organizations and ultimately create a more satisfying life.”

– George Zalucki

Read George’s article, “50 Years in Network Marketing, Condensed” on Success in this Industry! All of his training programs outlined below are dedicated to those desiring to be successful in Network Marketing in the company of their choice. George has helped thousands of people to change their life using Network Marketing as their vehicle. Listen below to George’s definition of an entrepreneur! Print his 10 Commandments and refer to them often!

Over his 50 years of involvement, George has reached the top with each company he has been involved with. His vast experience and teaching ability have helped thousands of Networkers in over 20 countries worldwide to become more competent and knowledgeable in their work.

George is widely known and respected in the Industry as a “Master Teacher” of the Principles of Personal Development and Human Achievement. When you combine his vast experience in the Networking Industry with his background in Psychology and Human Achievement, you get the insights, actions, and attitudes that you will need to implement in order to reach the top.

His no nonsense style of delivery produces a refreshing and enlightening experience for the listener or viewer of his work. George tells it like it is and his audiences love it. Don’t miss the video clips on the Video Page that teach these Principles or the article, “50 Years in Network Marketing, Condensed”. They are critical to your success as an entrepreneur! Make sure to post a copy of George’s 10 Commandments in your office!.

George and Eloise

Listen to George and Eloise talking about their experience of success in MLM during their lifetimes. They built very large international sales teams while building a great lifestyle and raising their family. Currently, they have retired from Network Marketing and are devoting themselves to training others to succeed as entrepreneurs, inside or outside of Network Marketing!

Here is the definition of An Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is someone who takes probability, increases it to possibility and makes it reality, through dedication and hard work!  Are you one of those? 



George’s Book for The Entrepreneur! Unlike any book you have ever read! Life Changing insights throughout! In this book, you will find proven insights to help you cross the finish line as a Champion in this Industry. George’s teachings will help you to understand that to be a successful entrepreneur you must personally develop and grow. His no nonsense style of delivery produces a refreshing and enlightening experience for the listener or reader of his work. Special Personal Workbook Section!