What People Are Saying About George…

Enjoy this very inspiring video of an English entrepreneur and personal development trainer, Peter Sage,
and what he says, unsolicited, about George Zalucki and what George’s teachings have done for him!

Your powerful and inspirational words of experience captured the attention of every representative through a magnetism I have rarely seen duplicated on stage. Not only have you found your own success, but also you continue to inspire others to do the same in their lives by simply speaking to them from your heart. It was truly an honor for everyone present, including myself, to listen to someone with such an incredible personal and professional background. Again, please accept my sincerest gratitude for adding a very special element to so many of our National and International events!

Greg Provenzano

President, ACN, Inc

I’ve had the privilege of having George as a mentor and friend for 28 years. The memory was clear as if it were yesterday. I was in Queens, N.Y. scheduled to be part of a line up of trainers that day. Thank God my training was BEFORE George’s and as George took the stage, the people were so excited to hear from him… and for good reason. That day he gave what was the best high performance training I ever heard in my life called “Profile of a Champion.” After his training, we talked and shared our love for helping people and we immediately became friends and that day I bought every audio tape he had for sale that day. These 4 tapes, Mind over Emotions, Realities Before Success in Network Marketing, 8 Principals of Successful Living, and the world famous Profile Of A Champion became my baseline for personal development. I wouldn’t be the Leader I am today if it wasn’t for what George deposited in me over the years. Since then he has authored best selling books, recorded 50 other best selling audio and video trainings and has changed the lives of million of people around the world. George is a gift to all humanity who desire to live a virtuous life.

Larry Raskin

VP of Leadership Development of ACN Inc.

Once in a lifetime one gets a chance to meet a person like George Zalucki….

Your singular ability is to communicate modern psychological concepts in a unique style that is so understandable and entertaining.
Your manner of straight talk communicates the principles of life and success in a way that made them meaningful in both our personal and organizational levels.
Your books have helped us time and again in such a way that they are a continuous guide for us.
You offered us the best practical and enlightening knowledge that is ever to come out of the field of self-image psychology and high achievers.
We learned through your trainings that for we are responsible for our own actions, and can regulate our behavior through goal settings, self-reflections, self-evaluations and mindset.
You are not only our guide but almost a spiritual mentor.
Your influence in our lives and business has made us cry, laugh, feel and change.
You  empowered us in a way that we understood nothing was impossible if we keep on growing and helped us throw away many beliefs that were holding us back from reaching our fullest potential.
You showed us how persistence was the key of success if we did it with integrity!
You were our mentor and sometimes were hard on us making us realize that we needed to make some changes.
You have been a very important part of our happy lives and success in our business!
Thank you George for taking care of us, for inspiring us, for guiding us,  for loving us, and being part of our lives and making of us what we are today!

Myriam de la Sierra & Bash Bokhari

SVP & COC, ACN, Madrid, Spain

Mr. Zalucki has without question been one of the most thought provoking mentors I have ever experienced.  His message has changed my life and the lives of my business partners for almost 20 years!  I am a grateful student. Thank you Mr. Zalucki for everything! 

James Adlam


The audio trainings and live events of Mr Zalucki have impacted my business and personal life positively in a big way. The principles that he has taught me on emotions, psychologie and success are key elements that I will carry with me for the rest of my life and I will give to my children!  

Asos Harsin

SVP, COC, ACN, The Netherlands

I will be forever indebted to the live stadium and audio trainings produced by Mr. George Zalucki. His teachings encouraged me to pursue my dreams and strive for greatness. After reading Straight Talk, listening to Profile Of A Champion, and intensely studying RoadMap To RVP, I decided to quit my teaching job and drop out of my PhD program. It was risky, but I was full of belief and void of fear. Today, my team spans 44 states, 6 different countries and what I used to make annually, I now earn every 12 days!

Aaron Burt


“George is one of the greatest and most charismatic masters of applied psychology of our time. One of our biggest take aways from George’s teachings and insights, is cultivating the skill of creating powerful teams of independent business leaders in our organization. 

 This frees up our time to reach out to others, enrich our family and focus on greater goals. Thank
you George!”

Richard Rew & Patricia Mendoza-Rew


George has been one of the biggest mentors to me & tens of thousands of individuals around the Globe.  When I was introduced to George Zalucki at a International Convention of business owners, my world was changed. The level of insights he brought to audience on business techniques and business strategies was incredible, not a person in the room moved, we all hung on every word.  This type of training was huge for me & helped to launch my business in a Big way. Year after year myself & everyone I worked with would seek out events that George would be Training at, knowing we would be moved & inspired.   Our team went on to listen to his audios & finally had the good fortune to read his Book.  With the level of training & coaching we have received from George, our business & team have had a lot of success.
Today we have a Global business that has wrapped around the world, thanks to all that we have learned & continue to learn from George Zalucki.

Thank you for your leadership & example!

Patrick Maser


For 25 years Mr George Zalucki has been my mentor and coach and has helped me achieve more than I dreamt would be possible 25 years ago.  He has trained so many thousands of my business partners and helped them realise that the only thing that is holding them back from being a champion is their attitude of mind.  
Even at large events you always feel that George is speaking directly to you.  He speaks not only from a resource of great learning but from the direct experience of huge personal business success.  George is truly a champion of champions!
John N Macdougall


George has always challenged me to have a deeper level of thinking & to achieve a white hot burning desire to find my purpose in life & business.
George’s deep intellectual training provides clarity to what hinders my lack of progress, exposes the realities of my business at the present time, then equips me with the knowledge of how to achieve greatness moving forward. We hear often that it is wise to surround yourself with people who will make you better – I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to grow up in the presence of George both as a speaker/trainer & as a friend.

Autumn Provenzano Moheyer


Dear George,
I was recently honored to be a Marketing Executive of the Year with my company. I want to thank you for inspiring me to this level of achievement. You have been a friend, mentor, and a truly wonderful role model of success to me since we met in 1992. At my first “Experience To Make A Difference” Seminar I was broke financially, spiritually, and emotionally. I was hurt by the recent failure of my Real Estate business and was at the rock bottom place of my life. Your advice to me that day moved me to become a devoted student. I hung on every word and committed ALL your audio material to memory until they became a part of my very essence. Thank you for caring about me. You have been my inspiration and taught me we are already perfect beings and that everything is possible in this beautiful life. George, you are the best friend and mentor that could have ever come into my life.

Paul Kenny

Jeunesse Global, New Hampshire

Mr. George Zalucki first came into my life 25 years ago through an audio tape called ‘Realities before Success’ which completely stopped me in my tracks and opened a new way of thinking for me. A few months later I was fortunate to attend George’s ‘An Experience to Make a Difference’ seminar in Florida where his delivery had me in absolute tears and started an incredible chain reaction which led me, 20 years later, to have the courage to make one of the most dramatic decisions in my life.

It wasn’t until 2013, when I was diagnosed with Stage II Invasive Lobular Cancer ER positive, that George’s teachings finally resonated in how critical it is to not just have your own ‘White Hot Desire’,but more importantly, to be willing to completely ‘surrender’ to that purpose.  As my friend and mentor over the years, George taught me that the only way to control my own destiny was to not allow fear to be the driver of my decisions.

Through a series of coincidences, I found that there was another way to potentially eliminate my cancer without succumbing to the many challenges of invasive conventional treatment. However, it was a path less travelled where I would have to be free of fear and willing to take complete control and responsibility for my own treatment and welfare.  I suddenly had the most incredible ‘White Hot Desire’ like no other in my life before, and after my own extensive research, without any fear whatsoever, completely ‘surrendered’ to my purpose and within 12 months, was diagnosed cancer-free and remain so today.  Without Mr George’s teachings over the years, I would never have had the courage and belief in myself to achieve what my Cancer Team at the time, firmly believed was impossible.

Mind really does Matter – and Mr George Zalucki is the absolute Master of understanding what makes ‘Real Champions’ of Life.

Philly Alexander

Cancer Conqueror & RVP, ACN

In your life there are moments that change you forever. One of my moments was meeting George Zalucki!  It is amazing how his influence changed my life! His teachings changed me first and then all things followed.  I reached a record goal in my business that I had pursued for 20+ years.  My relationships with my wife and family soared.  My passion for life, success and adventure are on fire and I am in touch with my soul.  I truly feel God placed George in my path for a reason!  I Love this Man!!!

Dr. Scott Brown, DC

and owner of Brown Chiropactic, USA

Dear Eloise,
George impacted my life in 1991 and became my friend and mentor since that time. I have applied his teachings with integrity and pleasure to all that I do and give to the industry of Network Marketing and indeed in my life. Unlike so very many other trainers, George does not use hyperbole or “Up” motivation. His specialty is to help one to focus on those things that will prevent a person succeeding i.e. your mind and your emotions. His 2CD training, Mind & Emotions, remains the Rolls Royce of the hundreds of trainings I have heard in my life. Not a week goes by when I don’t listen to one of its many chapters.  I am proud to consider myself his friend.

J. Anthony Kaye

Representative, Worldventures, England

“What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?
A coach is someone who gets you to do something. A mentor is someone who tells you what to do. One of the greatest blessings in my life is to have found George as my coach & mentor.

What happened when I got trained by George?
Using his wisdom, he opened my brain, removed all my self-limiting beliefs and transformed me into an achiever. I regularly use his training to develop my large team and the results are phenomenal.

Why is he also role-model for me?
He is an orator, an athlete, a musician, a singer and a life-changer of millions. His words not only transform you to become an achiever in business, but also in life.”

Liju Thomas


George Zalucki changed my life – and the life of my family. He’s helped countless people worldwide to achieve more, be happy, and live up to their highest potential. Of all the mentors I’ve been blessed to learn from and be coached by throughout my almost 30 years in business and Network Marketing, George Zalucki stands out as the first and most impactful mentor throughout my career. George’s wisdom, teaching and practical education continues to bless my family’s life, our teams’, and the entire profession. A brilliant friend – and a TRUE Global Ambassador to our profession!

Garrett McGrath

ANMP President Association of the Network Marketing Professionals

60 minutes is just an hour, but that short hour listening to George Zalucki can be the most valuable 60 minutes you ever used for listening. I have witnessed that so many, many, many times, seeing people fully transformed into a deeper belief and with a deep insight that whatever they want, it is possible. If the world could be made to listen to George, we would have a better world. So, if you want to change your part of the world, use the opportunity to listen to George. Then your world will change. Most people want that change and that can be done in just ONE HOUR. Thanks, George, my friend, for changing my world and the world of thousands of others!

Matts-Olof Mattsson

SVP, ACN, Sweden

I have been listening to your Mind and Emotions for 18 years now. Everyday. I’m willing to bet I have listened to this more than anyone on earth!
I reach out to you late tonight, as I have started the projects of all projects…. Because of you I will be launching my version of Proof of History, in particular famous quotes. There have been times when I wanted to give up, throw it all away, and stop caring. All I have to do to pop in the CD and it all goes away.

God bless!

Chris Boundikas

Hi George, my name is Simon and I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for all of the things you have done for me. I have attended your trainings at the European conventions and I listen to your audios on YouTube over and over. I have recently had some massive break through’s since listening to an old lecture you did called Road Map to RVP. I think this was done many years ago in Scotland and I seem to be learning new stuff about myself every time I listen to it. Thank you so much for what you have done for me and my family and the people in my team. Externally

Simon Jones


Dear George,
I was moved very deeply by the profound truths you presented at your powerful presentation today in London, England. In just one hour you touched me at a deep level and re-inspired me to change NOW and to take control of my life again at a challenging time in my life.
You are the best personal development speaker I have ever seen.
I have attended Anthony Robbins’ “Unleash The Power Within,” done the fire walk, and made many major changes in my life. Tony is a great person, he is inspiring. I am making a recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after attending his seminar.
You are phenomenal! You have a deep wisdom, spirituality, experience and maturity I have not seen in any other speaker and that makes you outstanding; you have truly arrived; you are truly enlightened and you really care about people.
I admire you for your success and achievement, and for your humility, compassion and empowerment of others. This is a sign of a true master.
You are the best! Thank you for the value you have added to my life and for talking to me personally and with so much understanding and love. The hug from you was great! It will be a day I treasure always, and your powerful words are carved in my mind. Wishing you the best in life.
Love, Joy, and Peace


Twenty years ago, I was fortunate to meet George Zalucki when I was 21 years old. At the time, I had no prior experience in the Direct Sales Industry. Although I was coach-able, had a “white hot” desire and a willingness to work, I did not have immediate success. In fact, it was 6 months before I was able to enroll my first rep! However I think I must have listened to Profile Of A Champion at least a couple of hundred times during that period. With that slow start, I was earning a passive income of over $30,000 per month by the time I was 26. If it were not for the information I learned from George Zalucki regarding the awesome power of our mind, and emotions, I am positive I would have quit long before I ever experienced any success and would have spent the rest of my life trying to justify my lack of success. As Co-Founder of my own network marketing company, I always encourage all of our reps to listen to all of George’s work. Simply put, George Zalucki is clearly the front-runner in the field of personal development and motivational psychology. In fact, I will go as far to say that if you learn, and apply what George teaches, you can not fail! Words can not express the gratitude I have for the positive impact George has had on me and my family.

Jake Kevorkian


George, your dynamic and committed presentation “An Experience To Make A Difference” in Belfast has had a truly amazing impact on our clients. As you know, we had previously promoted Brian Tracy in Belfast, but client reaction to your presentation was on a totally different level. You challenged, confronted and told them “like it is” and for that we applaud you, however, what really made a difference for us was your love and genuine concern for all those present. George you are a truly amazing communicator, but most of all you are one of the most authentic human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We believe you had a positive impact on the thinking of all those that attended the seminar.

Phillip Keers

Northern Ireland

Hello George, I’ve Just been going through some stuff from way back -George you changed my life back in 1989 when I first attended your talk in London – The Awesome Power of the Mind. That was the day I started my NEW LIFE. Now, at 80 years young, I recall those wonder days and pass on all your messages to everyone I meet. God Bless you, I have no words to express my thanks for your contribution to my life. Most Sincerely,

Tug Wilson


George is an inspiration, and a great mentor for us. We  still listen to the Cds,s we received 7 years ago, and still learn new things. George: you are our “rich Dad”, our “poor dads” we love as well. But they could not teach us. what we learned from you. We are happy to know you and Eloise.

Martin Zwols

The Netherlands

I have promoted more than 450 major seminars in the last 14 years, with speakers such as Tom Peters, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and Art Linkletter. George you are right up there with this elite group! Our members focused on your tell it like it is style! No hype or wishy washy theories!

Ray Faltinsky


George Zalucki has a powerful message. Take it to heart, then act upon it. You will find your personal growth accelerated beyond belief. You will grow by leaps and bounds to a happier, more satisfied you.

Tom Hopkins

Master Sales Trainer Author of “How to Master the Art of Selling”

I want to thank you for the excellent motivational talk you shared with us at the North American Commercial Services Buyers meeting. I received very positive feedback from the participants on your presentation and your presence. You were instrumental in getting our meeting off to a great start!

Mary M. Miller

Mars Corporation

Message for George I think he’d like to know: I was 17 years old and George spoke at a small conference room in south Texas. It was the late 80 s and I was about to go to college soon and play baseball. The words he said that night changed my life and now many years later, I realize he had such a huge impact on shaping my financial life. I went on to college, played some ball, finished school, got some jobs, but always wanted more. I started businesses and eventually became successful, to the tune of millions of dollars. I m now a successful online million dollar marketer and I recently looked back to figure out where all this came from. It came from George and the words he spoke to me (and the group) as a teenage kid. He spoke about emotions and to do that thing you said you would do long after the mood has left you. I have his VCR tape of him speaking at a big conference. I still have it. I must have watched it 1,000 times when I was young. I just thought he d like to know that his words do touch lives and for many years. Thanks George, you ve made a wonderful difference in my life and I m sure many-many others as well. Now I get emails like this from people telling me similar things. Much Thanks!

Eric L

Hi I saw you speak in London…it must have been approximately 28 yrs ago !!! You were amazing,I bought your pack of cassettes for the car..bit worn out and crackly now but still love them!

Trish Mounder

London, UK



George's Book for The Entrepreneur! Unlike any book you have ever read! Life Changing insights throughout! In this book, you will find proven insights to help you cross the finish line as a Champion in this Industry. George’s teachings will help you to understand that to be a successful entrepreneur you must personally develop and grow. His no nonsense style of delivery produces a refreshing and enlightening experience for the listener or reader of his work. Special Personal Workbook Section!




George's Book for The Entrepreneur! Unlike any book you have ever read! Life Changing insights throughout! In this book, you will find proven insights to help you cross the finish line as a Champion in this Industry. George’s teachings will help you to understand that to be a successful entrepreneur you must personally develop and grow. His no nonsense style of delivery produces a refreshing and enlightening experience for the listener or reader of his work. Special Personal Workbook Section!