Success Insights For the Entrepreneur Booklet

A Master Teacher and Multimillon Dollar Earner with 50 years Experience in Network Marketing authors Success Insights for the entrepreneur!

Are you interested in building people? Having your team members become financially secure and personally happy? This booklet is for you!


This condensed booklet is a concise handbook! It is designed to be an aid in helping you introduce your new prospects to Personal Development! Give it as a gift to those you value as a new business partner! “In Network Marketing, everyone has the same compensation plan and products, its whats inside their heart and mind that makes the person successful or not successful! ” This booklet will effectively introduce them to winning principles that can be built upon in the future! Also, use it as a training syllabus within your organization!


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Named One of the Prestigious

Ambassadors of Network Marketing


What’s in the Booklet?

16 Mini Chapters of George’s Insights and priniciples

on his journey to financial independence!

Mini Chapters

Thinking and Destiny
The Profile of A Winner
The Champions Success Formula
Taking Charge
Eight Principles to the Top
Self Image
Triumph Over Adversity
Personal Integrity
The Cycle Of Success
Belief and Power
The Importance of Failure
Maintaining positivity
10 Commandments of Success

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