"It is my sincere desire that my work will prove to be a valuable guide, assisting you to reach your dreams in business and your personal life!”

George Zalucki is considered a Master Teacher and is among the very best personal development trainers in the world today. He teaches the Principles of Human Achievement, compelling his audiences to look closely at what really stops them from getting what they want out of life. Throughout his life, George has passionately pursued his interest in the research and study of motivational psychology and human emotions. He has conducted tens of thousands of seminars, workshops, and speeches across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

His ability to combine the theoretical with the practical is an art form to listen to. His style of delivery is powerful, direct, and enlightening. His work is a reflection of his commitment to motivating people to develop and utilize their abilities. His new book and audio CD’s are regarded by hundreds  of thousands throughout Europe and North America to be an ongoing source of motivation and success training! One of his popular teachings is about Commitment. Enjoy the video of George defining it and several other short video clips of his popular teachings below!

What does George Teach?? 
How can he help you?



All of George’s speeches have a foundation in Mastery of Emotional Response, the Power of Thought, and Proper Thinking. Building a business as an entrepreneur is emotional.

No matter what your business is that you are creating, all entrepreneurs face common enemies. They are emotional in nature. How do you master your response to emotional conflicts to create a positive outcome instead of a negative one? How do you conquer the feelings of self-doubt and confusion? How do overcome ridicule from your friends and relatives telling you, you can not do it? How do you get over the disappointment when others tell you that your idea will never work? How do you conquer procrastination? How do you work within a family to balance your life, so you can fulfill your family obligations to your wife/husband and children and at the same time do all that is necessary to ensure success in your endeavor? Mastery of thought and controlled emotional response is what you will receive if you practice George’s teachings and philosophy! Your business will flourish from applying these principles!

Be sure to read the Testimonial page to read how he has impacted others. Also, watch the videos below of George teaching some of these principles! And, most important, be sure to watch George’s 5 minute Promotional Video on the home page that showcases George at his finest.

Many entrepreneurs, that have come to understand and live by this one concept about Commitment, have made great accomplishments in their businesses!

Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in, has left you.”