The Mind & Emotions Set MP3(2 Hours)



What super achievers know and use, you also can learn and use!

“Performing to your highest potential requires that you clearly understand the working relationships between Thought, Emotion, Choice, & Destiny.” George Zalucki

“The will to succeed is of little consequence unless it is matched with equal desire and drive to learn how to succeed.  The learning how always precedes the successful venture.  Most people have never been taught that every success or failure is shaped by the thoughts, imagination, and visualization of a human mind.  In fact, the conditions you now call your life was fashioned over time by your thoughts, emotions, related decisions, and behaviors.  We create our own reality with thought.  The key components of success or failure, happiness or unhappiness in one’s life is the way one chooses to think, feel, act moment by moment.

The most powerful achievement device ever created, the human mind, is the least understood and the most misused and neglected gift on earth.  Yet all winning is based upon directing its’ awesome power with specific intent and direction.  The relationship between the mind, thought, emotion, habit, and circumstance is synthesized on these two CD’s in a way that the listener is empowered to act consistently in the direction of success, happiness, and enrichment.” 2 hours!


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