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George's Book for The Entrepreneur! Unlike any book you have ever read! Life Changing insights throughout!In this book, you will find proven insights to help you cross the finish line as a Champion in this Industry. George’s teachings will help you to understand that to be a successful entrepreneur you must personally develop and grow. His no nonsense style of delivery produces a refreshing and enlightening experience for the listener or reader of his work. Special Personal Workbook Section!

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This webstore is designed to provide outstanding personal development products that are all taught by George Zalucki. Click on any of the categories on the left to read about each category and their products! George Zalucki's materials will teach you his Principles of Human Achievement. They will launch you to new heights of awareness and clarity of thought. These products will build you into a true Champion in your business and personal life!


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Within the pages on Chicken Soup For The Network Marketers Soul, you'll read stories about conquering incredible adversity, discovering the meaning of life, healing old wounds, uniting families, learning to"smell the roses", and reaching incredible new heights of financial success and self-awareness. You will read about people from all walks of life who have discovered that you can achieve the most extraordinary accomplishments through the right vehicle.....and that vehicle is Network Marketing. George Zalucki's story, "A Business Of Caring" is featured on page 256 of this

inspiring book!

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