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“It is my sincere desire that my work will prove to be a valuable guide, assisting you to reach your dreams in business and your personal life!”

— George Zalucki

George Zalucki is considered among the very best personal development trainers in the world today. His adroit style of communicating has captured his listening and reading audiences, compelling them to look closely at what really stops them from getting what they want out of life. Throughout his life, George has passionately pursued his interest in the research and study of motivational psychology and human emotions. He has conducted hundreds of seminars, workshops, and speeches across the United States, Canada, and Europe. His ability to combine the theoretical with the practical is an art form to listen to. His style of delivery is powerful, direct, and enlightening. His work is a reflection of his commitment to motivating people to develop and utilize their abilities. His new book  and audio CD’s are regarded by tens of thousands throughout Europe and North America to be an ongoing source of motivation and success training!


George Zalucki has been teaching audiences about the “Principles Of Human Achievement” and how to become a Champion in business and life. His ability is especially impactful because he has lived a life that is full of both adversity and achievement. He overcame the ravages of polio at a young age to go on and become a star basketball player on the 1961 NIT Providence College Championship Team. He excelled in sports after building his body back to health after polio. At 6 feet 6 inches in height, George was given a full scholarship to attend Providence College.


It was, however unusual to be awarded the scholarship because he joined the Marines at 17 right out of High School. His high school coach just happened to see him playing basketball in a small gym after returning home from the Marine Corps while he was working construction jobs. George’s education at Providence College in Liberal Arts turned his attention to teaching. He went on to teach Psychology and Sociology at the collegiate level.


George is a former college dean, teacher of Psychology, Sociology and counselor. He was a corporate VP of a Network Marketing company based in Dallas, TX.


He has been an Independent Representative for 33 years, rising to the top of several companies.


He has built large organizational sales teams of over 150,000 distributors in 21 countries. His sales volume has exceeded $20 million per month, while earning millions of dollars in Network Marketing. He has been a consultant in the industry, and the keynote speaker at many national and international conventions. George knows how to transfer his conviction about a product or service from himself to the customer. He is a master at teaching people to achieve their dreams. He also knows what stops sales people from being successful. And, he knows how to teach you what super achievers know and use in a way that is usable and clear.


George has been featured in Success From Home magazine, Chicken Soup For the Network Marketing Soul, Personal Excellence, and has been quoted in Hansard’s, “The Official Record of the British Parliament,” and referred to as a great American Philosopher by one of its members. “George Zalucki, who is also a great psychologist and friend of mine, wisely said, ‘If you don’t understand the invisible, you will never achieve the impossible.’” When you link to this page in Hansards, you just search the UK Parliament Database with George’s name and the quote is at the top of the page in Column 1139 paragraph 2.)George has been lecturing on what it takes to be a champion for 30 plus years in 21 countries and 3 continents.

The effects of his influence have reached many levels, including sport teams. One such example is the many times he is referred to in “Kicking Down Heavens Door” by Mickey Harte, whowas the manager of the Irish soccer team that won the All-Ireland Championship in 2003. Mickey used many of George’s teachings to coach his team to victory, especially his teachings on persistence and what it takes to achieve lofty dreams.

Success From Home

Throughout his career, George has trained and coached hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and on the African continent in Tunisia. As an American citizen he has been paid to speak in Belfast, Ireland, Sitges, Spain, London, England, Glasgow, Scotland, Vancouver, British Columbia, Cancun, Mexico, Edmonton, Alberta, Toronto, Ontario, Cologne, Germany, Amsterdam, Holland and Tunis, Tunisia. He has been featured on radio shows in America and the BBC in both London and and Belfast, N. Ireland!

George also has a gift for music. He plays piano and accordion and has wonderful, deep, expressive voice. He has recorded three albums and has sang his songs for thousands of people. Be sure and read the Music Gallery Page and watch some of his singing performances or listen to some of the audio clips. There is a special connection with the audience when George sings and uses music to communicate with the audience!


George also has a very full, busy family life. He is the father of 9 children and now he has 13 grandchildren. He and his wife, Eloise make their relationship and family a priority in their life. They are both committed to their family and helping others to achieve greatness and reach their potential. They have traveled extensively and have some recent photos of their lifestyle on the Personal Photo Page. They have both been involved building successful sales teams and Eloise manages George’s seminars on personal development and motivational psychology.

Many people have written to George over the years, thanking him for his teachings and for helping them to achieve success in business, both traditional and Network Marketing.


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